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 ◆ The specifications of laboratory server

연구실 서버 구성 업데이트_22.06.22.png

 ◆  Human microbiome research using Oxford Nanopore sequencing

MinION 사진2.jpg

Nanopore sequencing is a 4th generation sequencing technique. Unlike illumina sequencing, which produces short reads that are widely used, it produces long reads. Another advantage is that the device is small and easy to move, and the sequencing cost is relatively low. We analyze microbiome in humans through MinION equipment of Oxford Nanopore Tech.


We identify species within the microbiome by sequencing the following genomic regions:

•16s rRNA sequencing with a single read

•Sequencing of rRNA operon including 16sRNA and 23s RNA and intergenic region.

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