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Code and scripts for published articles

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QIIME 2 is an integrated analytic tool for analyzing microbial genomic sequencing data.

Various plugin modules are available on QIIME 2, from pre-processing to visualization. We provide an example of short-read 16S rRNA sequencing-based analysis for identifying microbial compositions of different groups, classified by their clinical conditions. Example dataset was prepared that a subset of NCBI BioProject PRJNA282010, which categorized into COPD, healthy smoker, healthy volunteer, and negative control. The metadata and manifest files which were used for analyzing QIIME 2 example data are available.

프로그래밍 콘솔

This page provides program commands and scripts that were used to analyze 16S rRNA sequencing data for the article "The Lung Microbiota in Korean Patients with Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Pulmonary Disease".

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